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Hey, y’all! Thank you for shopping with us! 💕
Hey, y’all! Thank you for shopping with us! 💕

Wax Melts

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Altitude- “volcano” Sugared Fruit Slices
Tumbleweed- Leather & Vanilla
Rattlesnake- Sweet Aloe
Primitive- Woodsy, Musk Cologne
Nomad- Clean, Masculine, Fresh
Artifact- Amber & Patchouli
Venus- ”Pink Sugar” Sweet Cotton Candy & Bergamot
Tannery- Leather
Iguana- Cactus & Sea Salt
Rococo- “French Market”
Speakeasy- Subtle Sweet Tobacco
Greenhouse- Rosemary & Mint
Succulents- Sweet Cactus Flower
Stonewash- Sundried Laundry in the Breeze
Scorpion- Freshly Shaved Man
Amethyst- Sweet, Sandalwood, Patchouli
Cabana- Coconut Lime
Hummingbird- Cherry, Pineapple, Coconut
Hurricane- Berries, Vanilla, Cotton Candy

Autumn- The perfect fragrance for a cozy feeling. Autumn is a warm and complex scent of spicy cinnamon blended with sweet vanilla, baked apple and musky undertones.
Bakery- All of the sweetness of a cinnamon sugared doughnut without any of the calories. Bakery has spice, hints of butter, crystalline butter and fine cinnamon on a base of vanilla.
Wreath- A beautiful arrangement to adorn your home. Wreath weaves together freshly cut evergreens, tree moss and cinnamon sticks to welcome you home for the holidays.
Merry- Mouthwatering and boozy. Merry starts with top notes of apple cinnamon and a hint of orange bourbon, butter and maple finish off this irresistible dessert.
Burgundy- Strong, tart and fruity. Burgundy is a scent that embodies all of the beauty of deep dark red. Red currant and citrus fruits are supported by sweet peach and rich black currant.
Cozy- Woodsy and masculine. Cozy is as comfortable as stonewashed flannel. Oily citrusy bergamot, heirloom mahogany and soft musk melt together in this woody cologne.

Reins- Cinnamon Leather

Hearth- Leaves 

Boujie- "Diva"

Boho- Perfect mix of tumbleweed and Venus (Mackenzies Favorite)

Urban- Santal 33 vibes 

Copperhead- the perfect mix of strong and manly